Magento: 后台添加预览按钮 View product in frontend from Magento admin

When you are editing some product in Magento admin and want to check it out in frontend of your Magento project, how do you find this particular product? Do you search for it, navigate to it using product url key or just browse to it? Well, however you do it, I’m going to give you the easiest way to get to your desired product in the frontend – view product link.

Here’s an extremely lightweight Magento extension which will provide you with a simple view product link next to a product name, in Magento admin. It will point to a product view page in the frontend of your Magento project. Simple and easy.
or for donwload


All you have to do is copy the content of Tadic_AVP extension (app folder) to a root folder of your Magento project – and that’s it. I hope this simple extension will prove to be useful to you.
Thanks to Branko Ajzele for an idea.






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