jquery: 手机版时间拾取器 date time picker for mobile


There are three picker files:

  • picker.js The core file (required before any other picker)
  • picker.date.js The date picker
  • picker.time.js The time picker

To support old browsers, namely IE8, also include the legacy.js file.


All themes are generated using LESS and compiled from the lib/themes-source folder into the lib/themes folder.

There are two themes:

  • default.css The default modal-style theme
  • classic.css The classic dropdown-style theme

Based on the theme, pick the relevant picker styles:

  • default.date.css and default.time.css when using the default theme
  • classic.date.css and classic.time.css when using the classic theme

** For languages with text flowing from right-to-left, also include the rtl.css stylesheet.


The translations live in the lib/translations folder. There are currently 43 language translations included.




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